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A new way of outdoor advertising! City Ad Mobile specializes in mobile outdoor advertising. We are the only mobile billboard company with the latest trimotion technology to deliver your message to thousands of people each day.

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Why City Ad Mobile?

Reason one

It`s impossible to ignore... you can`t zap it... you can`t ignore it. Mobile Billboards can`t be turned off like television, tuned out like radio, or thrown away like a newspaper or magazine. Instead, it puts your message at eye-level, in front of thousands of consumers- all day, every day, and it demands attention.

Reason two

Mobile Billboards go where people go... where they live, work, shop, and play, and wherever the trucks go, Mobile Billboards go with them. They travel through busy streets from one side to another. They go through busy downtown areas, which are essential to reach major educational institutions, healthcare centers, financial centers and entertainment venues, as well as the every day travelers.

Reason three

We give you coverage in upscale suburban communities, major malls and retail centers, as well as the industrial areas where people work. You can reach the key drive-time audience of pedestrians, and the rush hour traffic. You can think of a Mobile Billboards as a rolling Billboard that is in constant rotation, covering the widest geographic area often in places the other media can`t reach.

Name a moving company; their names are remembered from Mobile Billboard style of advertising. It`s proven and a powerful vehicle for reaching potential customers - again and again. Mobile Billboards get results.


Reason four

Commuting Habits

Mode of Transportation to Work
Over 3/4 (78.6%) of Calgary workers travel to work as a driver or as a passenger in a vehicle.
Driver or passenger in Vehicle : 78.6%
Public Transportation : 13.2% Walk : 5.9% Bicycle : 1.5%

Length of Commute to Work
53% of Calgary workers commuted between 5 km. and 15 km. Only 5% commuted more than 25 km.
31.9% travel < 5 kms.
53.4% travel 5 14.9kms.
9.8% travel 15 24.9 kms.
4.9% travel 25 kms. +

Time Spent By Car Commuting To Work
While Stats Can does not provide data on Calgary only, markets with a population of 100,000+ spend almost an hour (57 Minutes) traveling by car to work.


Paul Macko

Hi there. I'm a local Calgary Realtor, who has been using "the truck" for years now, and I have to say that I never get used to people phoning, and saying they are behind a truck with yor ad on it! This is a great advertising strategy, and I'm happy to be the realtor "on the truck".

F. Merhi

We know when the truck has been in a certain area of Calgary that day, because our calls increase by a huge percent that day, in that area. It is a MUST use advertising strategy for any small business.

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