About City Ad Mobile


They saw it on the truck! City Ad Mobile is a Calgary outdoor media company. Our primary goal is to provide a unique and innovative moving billboard. This is less expensive than the traditional billboard and has been proven to be more effective.

City Ad Mobile is a trend setter in the professional outdoor mobile advertising industry. Our mobile billboards are available for local Advertisers and National Advertisers. We target specific market areas at the most heavy foot and auto traffic times.

Whether you have a specific event or want to increase and maintain brand awareness, City Ad Mobile billboards can be used wherever your target audience is located. Unlike any other means of marketing City Ad Mobile can not be avoided or disposed of, turned off or tuned out like other media can.

Todays target audience has an increasingly active life style away from their living rooms that create more exposure opportunities in the mobile outdoor advertising world.

Whether someone is walking or driving along side or behind a City Ad Mobile truck, they will see your advertisement. They will say "I saw it on the Truck".

How it works

Our drivers drive around Calgary all day...following the busiest routes, and most commuters. There are 4 tri-motion panels, cycling every few seconds. You can't not look at the ads! If you would like to speak to a NO PRESSURE sales rep, please call today at 403-262-5000.
Or email your request, and we'll be in touch shortly.

  • Thousands of people see the truck daily
  • Only Trimotion truck in Calgary
  • Advertisers are given exclusivity on truck
  • Most effective form of branding available
  • How can you not look at a mobile billboard?
  • Brand retention, and brand recognition
  • We Drive your brand for you!

We Drive Your Brand

Best Advertising

Cost Effective


97% Recall Rate

Results Driven